Conveyor Belt Scales for Brisbane Businesses

Brisbane businesses choose Tecweigh for all their conveyor belt needs. The ideal solution for applications across a variety of industries, our conveyor belt weigh scales and feeders have been designed for the purpose of capturing accurate weights of products as they’re moved across the belt. Our weigh belt scales and feeders are reliable, dependable, and easy to use. They are often seen in some of the largest warehouses and factories in Brisbane – any business that requires items and materials to be weighed and moved between locations.

If your business can benefit from a new conveyor belt, boasting in-built scales that accurately weigh materials, then chat to the team at Tecweigh.

Accurate and Reliable Conveyor Weigh Belt Scales and Feeders

Tecweigh offers a wide variety of weighing equipment to warehouses and industries across Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth. Our WY15 Conveyor Scale is a popular piece of machinery that uses two hermetically sealed stainless steel bending-beam load cells. With an all-welded rigid construction, it is a functional and dependable tool. The built-in scales are thoroughly tested to ensure that weights are recorded accurately, and they are self-storing calibration weights that have a user-friendly electronic processor. Loaded with extra features, including built-in relays for remote counting, belt slip detection, and rate alarm tripping, it also allows for options such as stainless frame and speed sensor, wireless features, and many more.

Enquire About Conveyor Belt Scales in Brisbane

Got any questions about our products or the ordering process? The Tecweigh team are more than happy to answer any queries or discuss how a conveyor belt weigh scales and feeder can improve productivity in your workplace. To get in touch, you can reach us by calling +61 (0) 3 9775 0266. We also have an online enquiry form on our website that you can fill in with any questions.