Tecweigh offers product service and support 24/7 by calling our Head Office Customer Support Line at 1300 ACCURATE (1300 222 872). Our customer support representatives will be able to help answer any questions you may have and fill any requests for spare parts (please be sure to have your equipment model and serial numbers before calling Customer Service).

Service Technicians are available to provide start-up assistance, on-site training or help with any questions you may have about your equipment.

Due to safety concerns, it is the policy of TECWEIGH that no technician or other employee will work in any facility alone. For that reason, another person must be in the immediate vicinity while work is being performed on the equipment at all times.


Tecweigh Service Technicians are available to provide training for individuals who will be operating and maintaining your Tecweigh equipment. Training usually includes hands-on operation and troubleshooting for designated individuals and is usually done as a part of the start-up activities. Please contact our Service department and ask them for information on training fees and availability.