Tecweigh manufactures electronic conveyor scales in single, dual and four idler configurations that are easy to use, dependable and provide top performance at a great value. Our conveyor scales feature self-storing calibration weights, user friendly weight processors and the longest warranty in the business. The WY-10 and WY-15 systems are two of our most popular belt scales.

Operating parameters for belt weighers generally determine the model best suited for a particular application.

  • WY10 Belt Scale

    The conveyor scale that started it all, and still going strong, the WY10 is the most robust scale on the market today. A belt weigher nearly impossible to overload, the WY10 is the first choice for primary crushers, extreme loading and/or large particle sizes.

  • WY15 Belt Scale

    The WY15 utilizes strain gauge load cell technology to extend the range of its tougher big brother.  It is the perfect scale for light belt loading applications as well as high tonnages of smooth running materials.